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Josie Maran Enlists Twigtale to Help with Separation Anxiety

Whether you’re headed to work, going on a trip or just running to the store, separating from your toddler can sometimes be a heartbreaking challenge. Trust us: We’ve been there. Recently, that hard lesson hit close to home for model mama Josie Maran. 


Superbaby - The definitive guide to children's mental, physical, and emotional health

As a psychotherapist and parenting expert, Allison LaTona, MFT can be found as one of the sidebar contributors to Superbaby on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. In the excerpt, Allison addresses the importance of parents facilitating the development of emotional intelligence, so as to impact their future success and happiness... 



Hollywood Stars Joined in a Celebration of Babies

Allison LaTona, MFT along with BABYGROUP™ was honored as the recipient of the Community Award at the 2009 March of Dimes, LA Chapter- Annual Fundraiser, in "Celebration of Babies", held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, on Saturday, November 7, 2009. 


Being a SAHM Wasn't for Me; Working Was, Shockingly

"...Eventually I looked for help and found experts like Allison LaTona, MFT, a group facilitator at Babygroup — a group that provides guidance to parents of young children in Santa Monica. I loved that Allison was a child development expert who could help fill in the gaps where my mommy instincts were lacking. She gave me insight into the power of language we use with our children. She helped teach me about good enough parenting – how the best parents are mindful parents who try their best, but understand that they will never be perfect..."