Allison LaTona, M.F.T.
Psychotherapist | Parenting Coach + Educator

Parenting Consultant | Los Angeles | Allison LaTona, M.F.T.

Allison uses a multi-disciplinary approach to understand the connections between mind, body, our nervous systems, and our personal relationships to one another.

The ability to feel connected is how we are wired neurobiologically.
Connection is why we are here—it gives our lives meaning and purpose.
— Brene Brown

Connected relationships are the foundation of growth and change.

As social beings in the human experience, relationship and connection are at the core of optimal growth and development in an individual. It is the connected and secure relationship that drives all other areas of development: physical, social/emotional and cognitive, thereby impacting how one regulates themselves, explores their world, learns, and connects with others. 

The early relationship style we form with our family becomes imprinted and resides in us throughout our developing years and into adulthood. Gaining an understanding about these early relationships and experiences helps bring clarity to how we operate in our current relationships and relate to ourselves. This insight allows for increased presence, connection, and mindful intention in one’s life and relationships. 

Allison brings into her private practice a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the connections between mind, body, our nervous systems, and our personal relationships to one another. Her work is guided by a psychodynamic orientation, a relational and attachment-based perspective, and is informed by development, trauma and neurobiological theories.

The growing field of Interpersonal Neurobiology, studies how the mind, brain and relationships interact to shape who that person is. Allison’s work incorporates this science-based assertion that interpersonal relationships throughout the lifespan shape and reshape our brains.  It is the awareness and focused attention of various aspects of oneself and ones’ relationships that fosters healing and transformation. 

The basis of all her client work is the development of a safe and trusting relationship as the foundation of growth and change. Through the experience of attuned communication and a heightened ability to regulate emotion, individuals become better equipped to navigate life’s ups and downs, and increase resilience during times of stress. As a result, one experiences integration, harmony and well-being.